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Welcome to my website. I´m Chrissie and I am a native rubber fetishista.
I have this material fetish for as long as I can remember. I love dressing myself with beautiful latex fashion. Besides the latex fashion I have a passion for any kind of masks. Either pretty latex masks or more restrictive mask variants or eye-catching makeup on female masks. I love to change my style and going in public with constantly varying faces, hair styles and outfits.
Publicity and company is something I usually enjoy while visiting parties or friends as well as photo shootings.
Like all the girlies, I have a certain vanity and therefore I´m crazy about to publish the photos and results of my activities on social media platforms.
In addition to the passion for fashion there is also a “dark” side of Chrissie.
Sometimes when my passion takes over control I would love to wear my entire wardrobe at once. In that case I´m wearing catsuits, masks and dresses multi-layered and I´m delighted about the magical appearance and the wonderful feeling and sensuality.

On my website you can experience and follow how the everyday life of a latex fetishista looks like. Via this website I would like to give friends, like-minded people but also interested persons an understanding of this life style.

I would like to inspire friends, share experiences and meet nice and interesting people here.
Above all I would like to convey that latex is nothing dark, bad or pervert but is passion, creativity, good feeling and happiness.
For me latex is a life style.


You are warmly welcome to join me in my world.


Kisses Chrissie


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