Fashion is quite a broad area. Casual, couture, sexy, sports... It´s super exciting that almost every kind of garment can be made of latex. Since my one and only fetish is WEARING  rubber I never started crafting latex garments myself, except a few masks, but I appreciate all the fashion designers a lot.
Especially my dear Puppi. 
The combination of latex fashion and rubber fetish gives such a great bandwidth for creativity. I never wear latex outfits just for fashion purpose. 
For me the fashion part  has to be connected with the fetish piece always.

That´s why I call it "Heavy-Rubber Fashion". It can be elegant, it can be sexy, it can be ordinary. But it always must contain a certain share of bizarreness! I love this sub-cultural  combination extremely.   

German Fetish Ball
Picture by Eri Kitami
Picture by Kent Kiuchi
Montreal Fetish Weekend
Los Angeles Fashion Week
Dirty Beats
Picture by Chrissie Seams
Picture by Frank Miersch
Picture by Funky Eye
Picture by Lisa Nowinski
Picture by Heinrich von Schimmer
Picture by Dietmar H. Grabs
SubRosaDictum - Kesselhaus-Party
SubRosaDictum - Der Geheime Garten
SubRosaDictum - Space Intruders